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Staff Profile

Professor Ingrid Palmary

QualificationsBAHons, MA, PhD
Phone 0117174698
Organisational Unit African Centre for Migration & Society

Intersections of gender race and nationalism, violence, displacement, critical psychology, research methods

I ngrid joined Wits in 2005 after completing her PhD (psychology) at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Prior to joining Wits she worked at the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation as a senior researcher. Her research has been in the field of gender, violence and displacement. She has published in numerous international journals and is the co-editor of Gender and Migration: feminist interventions published by Zed Press and Handbook of International Feminisms: Perspectives on psychology, women, culture and rights published by Springer. Ingrid is also the coordinator of the postgraduate programmes offered at ACMS.

Ingrid's early research focused on women's engagement with political transition and armed conflict in South Africa and the Great Lakes Region. Since then she has conducted research on critical perspectives on sex work and trafficking, claims brought on the basis of gender based persecution in the asylum system, the tensions between political and domestic violence and gender mainstreaming in development work. Over 20 postgraduate students have been involved in these research programmes.


Journal articles

Palmary, I. (2010). ‘In your experience’: research as gendered cultural translation. Gender place and culture.18(1): 90-113.

Chereni, A. and Palmary, I.(2010).Social development and migration in South Africa: directions for further research in the region. Social work researcher/practitioner. April: 69-82.

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Book chapters

Palmary, I. Nunez, L. Clacherty, G. and Ndlovu, D. (2012/forthcoming). Remembering, healing and telling: community-initiated approaches to trauma care in South Africa. In Hamber, B. (ed.), Peacebuilding, development and social change.

Palmary, I. (2010). Sex, choice and exploitation: reflections on anti-trafficking discourse. In I Palmary, E, Burman, K. Chantler and P. Kiguwa (eds) Gender and migration: feminist Perspectives. London: Zed Press

Hamber, B. and Palmary, I. (2009). Gender memorialisation and symbolic reparations. In R. Rubio-Marin (ed.), The Gender of Reparations: Unsettling Sexual Hierarchies While Redressing Human Rights Violations. New York: Cambridge University Press. .

Palmary, I. (2008). Afterword. In Breaking the silence: journeys to recovery. Johannesburg: Jacana Press.

Palmary, I. (2005). The social sciences: A necessity for the future in Africa? Interventions series:
the social sciences and Africa’s future. Senegal: Codesria.

Palmary, I. (2005). The possibility of a reflexive gaze: The relevance of feminist debates on reflexivity, representation and situated knowledges for psychology, in Kiguwa, P, Schaeffer, T (eds.), The Gender of Psychology. Cape Town: UCT Press.

Palmary, I. (2005). Negotiating Nationalism: Women’s narratives of forced displacement. In C. Hendricks and L. Lushaba (eds.), From National Liberation to Democratic Renaissance in Southern Africa. Senegal: Codesria.

Palmary, I., Simpson, G., and Rauch, J. (2002). Violent Crime in Johannesburg. In R. Tomlinson, R. Beauregard, L. Bremmer and X. Mangcu (Eds.), Emerging Johannesburg: Reflections on the Post-apartheid City. London: Routledge.

Palmary, I., and Durrheim, K. (2002). Statistical reasoning. In C. Tredoux, & K. Durrheim (Eds.), Numbers Hypotheses and Conclusions. Cape Town: Juta.

Palmary, I. (2001). Social Crime Prevention in South African Cities. In E. Pelser (ed.), Lessons from Practice: Crime Prevention in South Africa. Pretoria: ISS.

Keynote addresses

Palmary, I. (2006). Positioning feminist research politically: A reflection on tensions and standpoints in African feminist research. Keynote address delivered at the British Psychological Society Psychology of Women Section conference 2006.

Palmary, I. (2011). Gender and Migration: past lessons and future possibilities. Presentation at the opening conference of the European Masters in Migration and Intercultural Relations. Oldenberg, Germany.

Palmary, I. (2012). Sex, violence and nation: The gendered nature of xenophobia. Keynote address at the Biannual conference hosted by the Research Institute for Health and Social Change. Manchester, United Kingdom.

Edited books

Palmary, I., Burman, E., Chantler, K., and Kiguwa, P. (2010). Gender and migration: Feminist interventions. London: Zed Press.

Rutherford, A., Capdevilla, R,. Palmary, I., and Undurti, V., (2011). International feminisms. New York: Springer.


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