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Staff Profile

Professor Alan Mabin

QualificationsPhD, MA, BAHons, MSAPI
Phone 0117177726
Organisational Unit School of Architecture and Planning

Current research concerns changing ideas and practices of metropolis and city region in Paris, S?o Paulo and Johannesburg/Gauteng.

A lan Mabin is Professor of urbanism in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) in Johannesburg and was previously head of the School (2005-10). He holds a doctorate from Simon Fraser University, Canada, and a masters degree from Wits, and is a member of the South African Planning Institute.

Alan has worked in a variety of development fields for 25 years. He was involved in several aspects of the transformation of local government in South Africa, particularly in Johannesburg, and has collaborated with colleagues in Brazil, France and other countries on several projects.

Alan helped to establish Planact in 1985, an NGO working with communities to "make cities work for people". He was a member of the Board of Planact, for many years. He leads the Wits research initiative on cities and is a member of CUBES. He works closely with the >Gauteng City Region Observatory.


Contributions to reports on cities
Alan Mabin contributed the section on Gauteng Urban Region to The State of African Cities 2008 (UN Habitat, Nairobi)

Journal articles

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Chapters in scholarly books

  • A Mabin 2007 Johannesburg--(South) Africa?s aspirant global city, in K Segbers, S Raiser and K Volkmann (eds) The Making of Global City Regions: Johannesburg, Mumbai/Bombay, S?Paulo and Shanghai (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press) pp. 32-63 Download PDF here
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Edited book

  • P Gervais-Lambony, S Jaglin and A Mabin (eds) 1999 La question urbaine en Afrique australe: Perspectives de recherche (edited collection, Paris: Karthala, 1999) ISBN 2-86537-890-X.


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