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Staff Profile

Doctor Stephen Louw

QualificationsBAHons, MA, PhD
Phone 0117174368
Organisational Unit Political Studies

Dr Stephen Louw is a Senior Lecturer in Politics. Currently, his primary research interest is the social, economic and regulatory impact of gambling on societies. He was a member of the Gambling Review Commission set up by the Minister for Trade and Industry in 2010 to review the impact of gambling in South Africa and to make recommendations for the on-going regulation of the gambling sector. Currently he is researching the impact of fahfee on Gauteng households. His secondary research and teaching interests include the study of why some societies develop and others stagnate – and the role that culture, institutions, economics and class play in underpinning development – as well as the history and peculiar political form of totalitarian and religious fundamentalist movements. He has published papers in such journals as Economy & Society and The Philosophy of the Social Sciences. He is a former editor of Politikon.