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Professor Arthur Every

QualificationsBScHons, MSc, PhD, FRSSAf
Phone 0117176823
Organisational Unit School of Physics

Most of my research falls within the broad field of wave propagation and phonon transport in elastically anisotropic solids. My researches are of a theoretical nature, and draw to some extent on computer simulations as a way of gaining a deeper understanding of physical phenomena and uncovering underlying patterns. I tend to work on topics of current interest, wherever possible on problems that have a direct bearing on experiment. Specific topics I work on include: ballistic phonon transport and phonon imaging, laser ultrasound, elastodynamic Greens functions, acoustic microscopy, surface Brillouin scattering, waves in periodic structure,guided waves at surfaces, interfaces and in supported layers, effects of spatial dispersion on wave arrival singularities, ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation.


W eb page of Arthur Every, University of the Witwatersrand. email:

Editor in Chief of the international journal Ultrasonics

Member of Board of International Congress on Ultrasonics conferences and member of the Scientific Advisory Committees of several other international conferences.

Music, travel, hiking