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Staff Profile

Professor Ames Dhai

QualificationsMBChB, PG Dip Int Res Ethics, LLM, PhD, FCOG
Phone 0117172718
Organisational Unit Steve Biko Centre for Bioethics

Professor Dhai is the Director of the Steve Biko Centre for Bioethics which she established in 2007 at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand. It has local and international recognition as a leading Centre. She is a member of the Wits Senate Academic Freedom Committee and current Chair of the University Forum. She serves on several policy making bodies in the country, including being a Past President of the South African Medical Association (SAMA), and the Board of the recently established South African Health Products Regulatory Authority. She also serves as an expert advisor for the World Medical Association, the World Health Organisation, and is on the WHO’s African Advisory Committee for Health Research. She participated in activities of the Institutes of Medicine (USA), and the National Academies of Sciences (USA). She is Editor-in-chief of the South African Journal of Bioethics and Law and Associate Editor of the South African Medical Journal. She can be credited with entrenching bioethics as an integral aspect of health sciences in SA. She is the recipient of several awards including SAMA Gender Acclaim Award (2012), the SAMA Certificate Award (2012) in honour of patriotism, courage and contribution made in the struggle for liberation of the Medical Profession and a joint recipient of the Vice-Chancellor’s Academic Citizenship Award (2017). Using an academic platform, Professor Dhai has taken a lead in health advocacy and activism.




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Text book: Bioethics, Human Rights and Health Law Principles and Practice 


Authors/Editors: Ames Dhai and David McQuoid-Mason

Publisher: Juta & Co Ltd

ISBN 978-0-70218-052-1 - 2011


  • Ethical concepts, principles and theories and their application to health care, 3-15

Authors: Ames Dhai, DJ McQuoid-Mason, Donna Knapp van Bogaert

  • International codes of health care ethics, 16- 34

Authors: Ames Dhai and Harriet Etheredge

  • Health and human rights, 35-47

Authors: David McQuoid-Mason and Ames Dhai

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  • Consent, 69-85

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  • Confidentiality, 88-91

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  • Reproductive health, 97-110

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  • Genetics, 111-117

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  • Use of human tissue, 118-125

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  • End of life issues,126-134

Authors: David McQuoid-Mason, Ames Dhai

  • HIV and AIDS,135-142

Authors: David McQuoid-Mason and Ames Dhai

  • Resource allocation,143-150

Authors: Ames Dhai and Harriet Etheredge

  • Business ethics – the Health Care Context, 151-157

Authors: Ames Dhai and David McQuoid-Mason 

  • The ethics of research

Authors: Ames Dhai and Peter Cleaton-Jones




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  • Member of Academy of Sciences of South Africa (ASSAF) study panel for Consensus Report on “Revitalizing Clinical Research in South Africa” – a study on clinical research and training in SA.
  • Member of Institutes of Medicine (IOM), USA Committee onEnvisioning a Strategy to Prepare for the Long-Term Burden of HIV/AIDS: African Needs and U.S. Interests” – objective of study is to prepare recommendations for the US Cabinet.
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  • Contributor to the Medical Research Council Guidelines on Ethics for Medical Research: HIV Prevention Vaccine Research.



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