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Staff Profile

Professor Sergio Colafrancesco

Phone 0117176829
Organisational Unit School of Physics

  • Cosmology
    • Structure formation scenarios
    • Cosmological backgrounds (CMB, CRB, CXB, CGB)
    • Modified Gravity scenarios
    • Primordial magnetic fields Astroparticle physics
  • Dark Matter
    • Distribution and dynamical properties
    • Nature and physical composition
    • Candidates: WIMPs, SIMPs, CHAMPs, Sterile Neutrinos, Axions
    • Indirect search: radio, gamma-rays, multi-frequency
  • Cosmic rays
    • Origin
    • Acceleration mechanisms
    • Diffusion mechanisms
  • Galaxy clusters
    • Formation and evolution
    • Plasma astrophysics
    • Acceleration mechanisms
    • Emission mechanisms: thermal, non-thermal
    • Non-thermal phenomena: radio halos, gamma-rays, soft- & hard X-rays
    • Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect (SZE) (thermal, non-thermal, relativistic)
    • Dark Matter distribution and Dark Matter signal indirect search
    • Multi-frequency studies
  • Galaxies
    • Dark Matter distribution and DM signal indirect search
    • High-energy phenomena and multi-frequency studies
    • Galaxy evolution, outflows and enrichment processes
    • Multi-frequency studies
  • AGNs: radio-galaxies, blazars and non-thermal dominated galaxies
    • Multi-frequency study
    • Cosmological impact
    • Theoretical modelling of Spectral Energy Distributions
  • Jet and lobes: origin and evolution
    • Acceleration mechanisms
    • Relativistic phenomena
    • High-E emission, Cosmic Rays and UHECR production
  • Cosmic magnetism
    • Magnetic fields in cosmic structure (galaxies, galaxy clusters, AGN jets)
    • Origin and evolution
  • Quantum astrophysics (POAM, LIV, UHERCs)
  • Education and Public Outreach

ADS publication records

  • ADS total score                          306
  • ADS total normalized score       93
  • ADS total score as 1st author    90

Citation indexes

Citations as listed in ADS (NASA Astrophysics Data System, which is not complete):

  • Current ADS citations                         4741
  • Current ADS normalized citations      848
  • Impact: h-factor                                       36
  • Impact: normalized h-factor                  15   

 Citations as listed in Google Scholar (which is not complete)

  • Maximum Cites:                                879
  • Total Cites:                                       4537
  • Per co-autorship                             1974
  • Per age:                                            376.8
  • Impact: h-index                                   36
  • Impact: Egghe's g-index:                    63

Square Kilometer Array








In addition to my professional scientific career, I have also other active interests as


My publication record consists of

  •          156 papers published on refereed journals
  •              9  papers in press in refereed journals
  •              8 papers submitted to refereed journals
  •            50 invited reviews and talks
  •            75 contributed papers
  •              1  book
  •            52 ATel
  •              2 astronomical catalogues
  •              8 other scientific publications


You can find a full list (which is not complete) of publications at  ADS


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