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Staff Profile

Professor John Carter

QualificationsPhD, BScHons, MSAIP, CPhys
Phone 0117176808
Organisational Unit School of Physics

Experimental and theoretical nuclear structure physics.

Member of the Nuclear Structure Group


Quasi-elastic single-nucleon transfer in 48Ti 42,44Ca collisions well above the Coulomb barrier (w P von Neumann-Cosel, A Richter, H-J Schmidt-Bruecken, G Schrieder, H Lenske, H H Wolter, R Jahn, B Kohlmeyer and D Schuell) Nucl. Phys. A516 (1990) 385.
Quasi-elastic multi-nucleon transfer and charge exchange between heavy nuclei Proc. workshop on multi-step reactions, contributed paper, NAC Faure, 1991, ed R H Lemmer, (World Scientific Press, Singapore, 1992) 183.

Excitation and decay of giant resonances in the 40Ca(e,e x) reaction (w H Diesener, U Helm, G Herbert, V Huck, P von Neumann-Cosel, C Rangacharyulu, A Richter, G Schrieder, A Stascheck, A Stiller, J Ryckebusch) Phys. Rev. Lett. 72 (1994)1994.