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Wits Underwater Club


The Wits underwater club was started in 1945 with the intention of bringing people into the wonderful world of Scuba diving. WUC is proud to say that we are one of the oldest and most established sports clubs Wits University has to offer. We are renowned for quality diving and underwater hockey throughout Johannesburg and the greater diving community.

WUC has a open policy to all divers and lovers of the underwater world. We cater to Wits students and the general public. As variety is the spice of life, our open policy allows us to collect a large pool of members each bringing in their own unique experiences.

The University of Witwatersrand main campus is our stomping ground.  Here we have our clubhouse and pool, which we use for pool sessions, underwater hockey and the occasional skinny dip after a few drinks. Our members get full access to the pool and club facilities at any time, allowing you to join in on the fiascos.

Our gear room is located on the main campus where we offer a range of equipment for hire and tank refills to our members

Learn to Dive

The Wits Underwater Club loves bringing those new to diving into the underwater world. WUC trains all its divers under the CMAS school. CMAS was founded in 1959 by the late great Sir Jacques Cousteau with the intention of sharing the wonderful world of scuba diving. At WUC our instructors follow the CMAS school and ideas of teaching combined with their years of personal experience.

For more information on the different CMAS courses offered please go to:


Under Water Hockey (UWH)


Contact Us

Sports Officer: Ntshembo Vukeya, 011 717 9404,

Chairman: Keith Roseweir,073 686 3839,


Clubhouse and Gear Room: Braamfontein Campus East, Next to Matrix Swimming Pool