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Political Studies Honours Degree


Applicants to Honours will normally have a BA major in Political Studies and have achieved at least 65% in this major.


 The Honours programme in the Department of Political Studies lasts ten months.


There will be four taught modular units, at least three of which must be completed within the Department.  Units are taught in both semesters so that in each semester students register for two units which will be taught simultaneously.

Modules will not be taught to very small groups: normally a minimum registration of five students is expected before the unit will be taught.

Ordinarily students will be expected to complete at least two essays of between 10 and 20 pages per unit.  Classes may alternate between lecture and seminar formats. Progress will depend largely on the student’s own reading and willingness to participate in class discussion.  Students are expected to be computer literate or to acquire such literacy very quickly. All courses involve the use of web-based learning.

In the first semester, Honours students will also be expected to complete a research-based independently conceived research essay on an approved topic, usually between 10 000 and 20 000 words in length (the length varies from year to year). The student will work on his/her research project with the support of an individually assigned supervisor. A compulsory Research Methods component will form part of this module.

All students must attend compulsory proposal writing workshops which will be held in the first block.


Students will write an exam for each unitwork module.  The research essay will also be assessed for examination purposes.  The research essay will be worth 20% of the final mark.  Marks for the unitwork modules will accumulate from both assignments and examinations.