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A List of Doctoral Topics Recently Supervised by POLS Academic Staff

Professor Joel Quirk


May Ikeora, 'Human Trafficking Between Nigeria and the United Kingdom'

Nneka Okechukwu, 'Peace Agreements and Post-Conflict Transitions in Africa'

Karlee Sapoznik, 'Modern Slavery and Servile Marriage'

David Wilkins, 'Repairing Historical Wrongs'

Professor Lawrence Hamilton


‘Civil Religion in South Africa: Mandela Through the Lens of Machiavelli and Rousseau’ (July 2016)

‘Political Authority in the Political Thought of Marsilius of Padua and Ibn Rushd’ (October 2015)

‘The Politics of Constitutionalism in South Africa: Institutions Supporting Democracy’ (October 2014)



Candice Bailey, ‘The Media, Political Participation and Democracy’

Alexandra Barry, ‘Emotions in Political and Moral Agency’

Thoko Jean Chilenga, ‘National Development and Public Administration: Centralisation or Decentralisation as Conducive for Social, Political and Economic Transformation?’

Romain Francis, ‘Justice as Recognition in the Ecological Community’

Moshibudi Motimele, ‘Liminality and Subjectivity: making the case for the revolutionary potentiality of the excluded’ [this title is about to change]

Cecilia Schultz, ‘Constructing Creditworthiness: the governmentality of sovereign credit ratings’

Albano Troco, ‘Electoral Politics in Angola: Furthering Democratisation or Sustaining Authoritarian Rule?’

Professor Antje Schuhmann

Nicola Cloete, 'A Gendered Slave Past: An Analysis of Emerging Slave Representations in Post-Apartheid Cultural and Memory Production.'