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Philosophy Undergraduate Courses


Philosophy is considered by some people to be the very core of a University education. Even if this is a bit of an overstatement, Philosophy can be an excellent part of a University education. It is a worthwhile subject of study in its own right and as a supplementary subject for those whose main interests lie elsewhere. The Philosophy Department at Wits offers a solid programme of courses leading to a Philosophy major, and a variety of other courses which may be of particular interest and benefit to non-majors as selective courses in their programmes.


To receive a BA in philosophy a student must:

(a)   Pass both PHIL 1003 and PHIL 1002.

(b)   Pass both PHIL 2002 and one further course numbered PHIL 2xxx except for PHIL 2013 and PHIL 2014.

(c)   Pass any four courses at the PHIL 3xxx level.


Students will be required to write a two-hour examination at the end of each of their courses, i.e. June or November.

Satisfactory Participation Requirements

Most Philosophy courses have "satisfactory performance requirements" (DP). Typically, students are required to prepare for, attend, and participate satisfactorily in all lectures and tutorials in courses they select. A student who fails to meet department requirements may be refused permission to write the final examination. Students should check the course schedule for the course they wish to do for confirmation that this is in effect for that course.

Subminimum Rule

Examination subminimum: Normally there is a subminimum of 45% on the examination. In other words, in order to pass the course a student's overall course mark should be at least 50% and, in addition, his or her final examination mark should be at least 45%. Students should check the course schedule for the course they wish to take for confirmation that this rule is in effect for that course.