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Elementary Logic: A Brief Introduction (4th ed.) by Michael Pendlebury

The Wits Department of Philosophy has for many years and in a number of courses used the textbook Elementary Logic: A Brief Introduction, written by Professor Michael Pendlebury. We are pleased to say that Professor Pendlebury’s textbook, now in its fourth edition, may be downloaded free of charge from the links below.

Terms of Use

The copyright of this text is the property of the author. Without the written permission of the author, the text may not be used for commercial or fundraising purposes, or altered or edited in any way. Until further notice, the text may be used freely and without the author’s permission as follows:

1. Individuals may use, print, and copy the text for personal information, education, or entertainment. 

2. Instructors in nonprofit educational and organizations and institutions may prescribe or recommend part or all of the text to their students. 

3. Individuals and nonprofit organizations may supply printed copies of all or part of the text to anyone subject to the condition that they do not charge them more than the reasonable cost of printing it. 

4. The text may be cited or quoted in other publications subject to the condition that it is clearly identified and attributed to the author.

Elementary Logic: A Brief Introduction
, Fourth Edition By Michael Pendlebury. Published online by the Department of Philosophy, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg in December 2013.1 Pp. vi, 151. © 1997–2013 Michael Pendlebury

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Elementary Logic: A Brief Introduction (US letter size)