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Sponsor Testimonials

"Year after year the program has had commendable success in helping the learners perform well enough in Grade 12 to qualify for University admission. The bachelor pass rates have consistently been above 90% for some years and this is a wonderful achievement and a good start to economic independence for the learners." - BP South Africa Education Foundation Trust (Pty) (BPSA EFT) 

"This is a crucial and strategic partnership with far reaching opportunities for the total development of an individual. I have witnessed the effectiveness of the implementation and lessons learned are transforming the entire schooling system at this level." - LDE

"The Department of Science and Technology is pleased about the five-year long relationship we had with SETMU (WITS). The learners on the programme have been positively influenced and their lives were touched and fundamentally advanced through the Talent Development Programme, implemented by SETMU. We are certain that many more young people will benefit from the programmes offered by SETMU towards impacting an improved higher education experience" - Department of Science and Technology (DST) 

"Feedback received indicates that the TTP learners are taking the knowledge and experiences gained from the TTP back to their communities to share with the peers. This essentially enables more learners to become indirectly involved in this holistic and comprehensive programme. " - IDC

"As Standard Bank, we applaud the tireless commitment and dedication of the Wits TTP team over the past fourteen years. This has resulted in over 2000 learners across the country benefiting from the programme" - Standard Bank

"We have had opportunities to interact with learners who have gone through the programme during their secondary education journey who are now successful professionals in the various disciplines. Their testimonies on the contribution of the programme for them to achieve success has led the SETA to decide to continue in partnership with Wits and the LDoE to support another group of 50 learners in the 2019/20 Financial Year." - ETDP SETA

Learner Testimonials

“The targeting talent Programme helped me understand what University would be like when I get there…at the time I didn’t know much about University requirements and the importance of funding. I got to learn all that during my time at the TTP.” Musa Mathebula (2019)

“It helped me ease into the busy schedule of a university student. I did not feel as overwhelmed as I thought I would, thanks to the TTP programme. Aside from university, it also helped me learn how to interact better with the people around me. I tend to be awkward and introverted at times (an ambivert if you must), yet I love learning about people and forming connections. TTP has helped me come out of my comfort zone and form connections with young adults all over the country, which I am thankful for. Schaelyn Mohamed (2018)

“TTP provided me with the skills necessary for being able to attend an open distance learning institution. Having to study at home, attend lectures online, and monitor my work and study schedule has not been easy, but TTP provided me with the skills and confidence I needed to be able to do it successfully. TTP has provided me with the self-discipline I needed to balance my studies and personal life, while ensuring that I am giving 100% to my studies, to be able to complete my degree. TTP has also helped build my confidence in my abilities as well as teaching me how to work successfully in a group setting.” Natasha Joubert (2017)

It made me more ready for University and with TTP today I am someone who can easily work with people and also my mathematics and physical sciences marks have improved well in varsity as they have prepared me.” Maphale Bogopa (2017)

I benefitted socially and academically. Group activities developed my social and communication skills. The academic activities helped me to develop discipline and a culture of academic excellence – my academic results improved markedly during my time at TTP, and I proceeded to matriculate with an average of 94%. In addition, the mentorship offered by TTP assisted with the transition from high school to university – I was awarded the best Electrical Engineering student in my first year of university and I obtained my degree Cum Laude.”-Gerald Kirui (2016)

TTP gave me the platform to become an independent person and to experience a life of a learner mixed with varsity life. It taught me what to expect in the next years of my life and motivated me to keep working hard to pursue my goals. I also learnt to be appreciative of other people’s backgrounds and upbringings, because TTP brought me and other learners from different schools and provinces together. We formed a bond that one can never break, and we also made tons of memories to cherish.” Masego Modisane (2015)

“TTP is a fun-filled and a very challenging learning environment. From TTP I have mostly learned the Importance of engaging in a diverse environment like presumption of – Personal development; awareness of other cultures; smashing of stereotypes; breeding of  productivity that  lead to exponential expansion of the programme; multi-cultural exchange of ideas and perspectives. Socially and psychologically TTP contributed positively towards my growth and improved my people's skills.” Dimpho Moroaswi (2015)

“TTP taught me self-control, perseverance, and the importance of staying true to myself. I gained a lot of self-confidence and learned to work hard in order to achieve my goals. TTP has taught me to be a wonderful leader at heart and a firm believer in the validity of my dreams. TTP taught me, above all, that my underprivileged background does not decide my destiny, that I can claim my space in science, and that I should not be scared to communicate my views with others.” Babalwa Yekelo (2015)

“TTP has helped me to develop skills in critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, decision making and collaboration, most importantly improved my productivity and adherence to quality standards” Keitumetse Komane (2013)

“The targeting talent programme gave me exposure; exposure to the tertiary environment, to diversity, to knowledge and skills that were resourceful in my high school studies and beyond.”  Margareth Mahlangu (2012)

“It gave me a platform to grow my confidence and increased my knowledge in inclusive diversity that I currently use at work as I interact with different types of people in the mining (mineral and processing) industry” Baatseba Mgiba (2012)

“I got exposure to learn how varsity life is and prepare how to navigate through it without losing focus, i got to interact with different learners from different cultures and backgrounds which was part of my foundation for learning to work well with people in any given situations, that experience still comes in handy to this day. I got to let go of the stigma that certain subjects or grades are difficult and i was no longer a victim of that stigma because i let go of those fears and believed i could conquer them. That experience shaped my personality to an extent and made me believe that i can be anything i want. I learnt to use computer in the programme because we didn’t have computers in my school.” Betty Sebati (2012)