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The research component of SETMU seeks to link directly into the University’s 2020 strategic framework to contribute to the development of Wits as a leading research intensive university.

This requires engagement with national and international trends, the production of locally and globally significant research and the establishment of strategic partnerships and networks.

Key Values

  • Production of research of international comparability
  • Excellence and integrity
  • Production of socially relevant/responsive research
  • Ensuring accountability of the programme

Research Aims

  • Explore youth identities
  • Understand how to create, develop and assess an enrichment curriculum that stretches and develops academic talent
  • Increase  South Africa’s Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) capacity
  • Identify the contextual challenges and enablers to student access, retention, throughput and success
  • Develop professional learning communities.

In addition to these aims, we have added a focus on:

  • Social mobility as facilitated by access to higher education
Published Papers

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