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Targeting Talent Programme (TTP)

Targeting talent, investing in excellence, facilitating access


TTP was successfully launched in 2007 with a cohort of 267 Grade 10 learners and their teachers from 41 schools across three provinces (namely Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga), funded by Goldman Sachs and the Telkom Foundation. Over the years the programme has expanded and reached 2188 learners from across the country.

The Targeting Talent Programme is in a talent pipeline development sector for 10 years through the following:

  • Rigorous implementation
  • Understanding of the South African youth
  • Supplement enrichment curriculum
  • Strong Monitoring and Evaluation underpin the Programme
  • Educator Engagement (Maths and Science)
  • Community Engagement (Annual Family Workshop – parents, educators and schools)
  • Tracking (National Senior Certificate Results, Higher Education (HE) and employment activity)
Educator enrichment programme

In addition, SETMU also provides an enrichment programme to Math and Science educators, from schools that participate in the TTP.

The Educator Enrichment Programme aims to upgrade the subject specific, subject-didactic and curriculum-specific knowledge of participating educators. Furthermore, by upgrading their technical dexterity, educators will be better equipped to create their own materials for learners. The programme also assists in the creation of professional learning communities amongst educators which will assist in the dissemination and generation of knowledge. It is envisaged that the educator enrichment programme will impact on the school through the training of mathematics and science educators from selected schools and generate knowledge.

Description and objectives the of Targeting Talent Programme

The programme aims to increase the academic, social and psychological preparation of academically talented learners, primarily from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds for admission to South African universities.

The programme provides for the following activities:

  • The identification, in particular partner schools, of learners with high potential, at least three years prior to leaving school at a time when subject choices for Matric are made;
  • A residential, on-campus educational programme of deep-immersion enrichment in maths, science and language, designed to develop both the cognitive skills and dispositional attributes required for university-level study;
  • In addition, the programme offers systematic support, providing their teachers and families with the capacity to support the learners in their studies, and providing orientation and transition programmes to enable a successful transition to university.
  • The provision of appropriate interventions at school level to build capacity of learners and teachers, particularly in Maths, Science and English competency;
  • The provision of teacher support activities that will enable teachers to understand the nature of the transition to higher education so that they are empowered to teach and assess in ways that facilitate this access;
  • Assisting learners with life skills development and career choices;
  • Involving families, schools and communities in supporting the commitment to success

We are thus planning to implement a holistic and comprehensive programme of interventions in order to ensure the students with potential are given every opportunity to succeed.

Mentoring Component

The mentor component is a vital one to the TTP contact sessions. TTP mentors are individuals who are willing to give their time to impart knowledge and guidance to learners selected to attend the programme. The mentors are Wits students who send their applications to SETMU, where they are interviewed, selected and trained in preparation for their duties. These include but are not limited to:

  • looking after the TTP learners throughout the duration of the contact sessions,
  • accompany learners to the various activities,
  • acting as role models to the learners through mentoring, motivating and supporting them in the programme.

The Mentors serve as role models, brothers, sisters, and mentors for TTP contact sessions and without their hard work and dedication, the TTP experience would not be the same or even possible.


Our Current Partners:

The Targeting Talent Program has come a long way since inception, our partners have made this possible by believing and investing in Education and empowering our youth which is a key driver to making an everlasting impact on the growth of our country.

We are extremely thankful and we seek to make our partners proud by maintaining and keeping our promises of investing in the Youth for the betterment of our society, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" Nelson Mandela.



1. BPSA 


2.  IDC (Industrial Development Corporation)




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