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Residential Academic Enrichment Curriculum (RAEC)


  • Assist learners in reinforcing the content learnt at school
  • Teach learners new content not covered in school
  • Instill a good work ethic of studying
  • Motivate and prepare learners to navigate university


To date the Enrichment Programme has impacted 2651 learners nationally.

Programme Details

VenueWits University – Main Campus. Due to the COVID pandemic, an Online component has been added as of 2020.

Frequency: Annually during the June/July school break

Duration: Learners participate in a 2 week-long programme


What is provided?

  • Accommodation in residences
  • Meals
  • Transport to and from the pick-up point to the main campus
  • Stationery
  • Books
  • Devices (online component)
What 2019 Enrichment Programme participants said about their experience

"Staying in residence would be a very wise choice because that means easier access to the resources of the school to help you regarding your work”

“Wits has definitely become one of my top options for university studying. The experience has really enlightened me to how diverse the university is. I can definitely see myself walking through the wits hallways one day.”

“I have dreamt of coming to Wits and so far it is on my top 5 best universities in the world.”

“TTP was great for me it was an awesome experience and Wits is one of my first options I'm considering to study at.”

“It is a very nice institution to be in and I would like to attend here in future.”

“TTP such an eye-opening experience for me. I have learnt so many new things and grown in my confidence and leadership skills. And staying in res taught me so much. Thank you for all the exposure TTP!

“I love Wits University and I would love to come here. It inspires me, every time I walk past I just look at all the beautiful buildings and I just wish I could school here.”