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Uma Kollamparambil

Head, Economics Division 
Associate Professor 
011 717 8113
Research interests: Economics of wellbeing, migration, inequality and foreign direct investment.

Cyril May

Deputy Head, Economics Division 
Lecturer (Dr) 
011 717 8104
Research interests: International finance.

Nasreen Ameen

011 717 8076

Miracle Benhura

Associate Professor 
011 717 8123
Research interests: Labour and development (applied microeconomics).

Fatima Bhoola

011 717 8069
Research interests: Economic growth and macroeconomic volatility.

Manoel Bittencourt

011 717 8120
Research interests: Growth and development economics.

Frikkie Booysen

011 717 8097
Research interests: Health economics; experimental and behavioural economics.

Daniela Casale

Associate Professor 
011 717 8267
Research interests: Labour economics, economic demography, gender economics, early childhood development.

Greg Ferrell

Visiting Professor
011 717 8111

Kenneth Creamer

Senior Lecturer (Dr) 
011 717 8127
Research interests: Monetary policy, fiscal policy, macroeconomic policy, political economy and internation economics.

Giampaolo Garzarelli 

Associate Professor
Director, Institutions and Political Economy Group (IPEG) 
011 717 8128
Research interests: Internal exit, fiscal federalism, modularity, state formation, institutional complementarity, physical capital and growth.

Usanda Gqwaru 

011 717 8115
Research interests: Development economics and industrial policy.

Tendai Gwatidzo

Associate Professor
Coordinator, African Economic Research Consortium (AERC)  
011 717 8184
Research interests: Capital structure, banking sector competition, efficiency in the banking sector and access to finance.

Rubina Jogee

011 717 8093
Research interests: Development economics, microeconomics and behavioural economics.

Lyndal Keeton

Lecturer (Dr) 
011 717 8065
Research interests: Public economics, intergovernmental grants, economic history of Southern Africa, institutions, workers compensation and national lottery.

Dambala Kutela

Senior Lecturer (Dr)  
011 717 8134
Research interests: Applied econometrics, game theory, decision theory, development economics and environmental economics.

Prudence Magejo

Associate Professor 
011 717 8111
Research interests: Labour, poverty and inequality issues.

Nyasha Mahonye

Senior Lecturer (Dr) 
011 717 8105
Research interests: Debt, aid, institutions, financial and gender economics.

Christopher Malikane

Associate Professor
Head, The Macro-Finance Analysis Group (MFAG) 
011 717 8109
Research interests: Macroeconomics and finance related issues.

Nobantu Mbeki

Lecturer (Dr) 
011 717 8118
Research interests: Post keynesian pricing theory and post keynesian theory of the firm.

Mthokozisi Mlilo

011 717 8099
Research interests: Macroeconomics, fisccal policy and public economics.

Liberty Mncube

Associate Professor (Dr)
011 717 8122
Research interests: Competition policy, economics and industrial organisation.

Tshepo Mokoka 

Senior Lecturer (Dr) 
011 717 8079
Research interests: Macroeconomics and finance related issues.

Lumkile Mondi

Senior Lecturer 
011 717 8087
Research interests: Development and financial economics.

Nimisha Naik

011 717 8125
Research interests: General macroeconomics.

Sibulele Nkunzi

Programme Coordinator, Economic Policies in the Age of Globalisation (EPOG) 
011 717 8042
Research interests: Industrial Policy, trade, technology, privatization. 

Adeola Oyenubi

011 717 8365
Research interests: Programme evaluation, information theory, portfolio optimization and labour market research.

Vishnu Padayachee

Distinguished Professor
Derek Schrier and Cecily Cameron Chair in Development Economics   
011 717 8189

Nicolas Pons-Vignon

Senior Researcher (Dr)
011 717 8096

Dorrit (Dori) Posel 

Distinguished Professor
Helen Suzman Chair in Political Economy 
011 717 1000
Research interests: Marriage and family formation, labour force participation, labour migration, economics of language and measures of wellbeing.

Gareth Roberts

Lecturer (Dr)
011 717 8103
Research interests: Evaluation of education and employment interventions. Behavioural experiments on information avoidance or empathy.

Aylit Romm

Senior Lecturer (Dr) 
011 717 8137
Research interests: Decision theory, economics of uncertainty, retirement, savings and life cycle behaviours and topics analyzing microeconomic data.

Stefan Schirmer

Associate Professor
011 717 8144
Research interests: Political economy.

Volker Schöer

Head: African Microeconomics Research Umbrella (AMERU) 
011 717 8107
Research interests: Job search and job matching, education intervention in primary schools and RCT in transport industry.

Aldo Sitoe

Lecturer (Dr) 
011 717 8254
Research interests: Public choice, organizational economics, fiscal federalism, theory of the firm and voting rules for an optimal provision of public goods.

Chris Torr

Visiting Professor

011 717 8248

Ronald Wall

011 717 8999


Christo Auret

Head, Finance Division 
011 717 8131

Aneesa Adam

Senior Tutor 
011 717 8091

James Britten

Senior Lecturer 
011 717 8193

Chimwemwe Chipeta

Associate Professor
011 717 8145
Research interests: Corporate finance, specifically mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, capital structure and dividend policy.

Daniel Page

Senior Lecturer (Dr) 
011 717 8105

Yudhvir Seetharam

Senior Lecturer (Dr) 
011 717 8148
Research interests:Behavioural finance, asset pricing, FinTech, quantatative finance and risk management.

James Bernstein

011 717 8148

Douglas Mbululu

011 717 8073

David McClelland

011 717 8126
Research interests: Asset pricing, liquidity and portfolio management.

Ayesha Sayed

011 717 8499
Research interests:  Agricultural derivatives, time-series econometrics


Human Resource Management and Management

Olorunjuwon Michael Samuel

Associate Professor
Head, Human Resource Management and Management Division 
011 717 8124
Research interests: Broad field of human resource management, labour relations, strategic and organisational change management and organisation behaviour

Suvera Boodhoo

Lecturer (Dr) 
011 717 8258
Research interests: Management education and sustainable development.

Chris Callaghan

Professor and PhD Coordinator
Director, Knowledge and Information Economics/Human Resources Research Agency (KIEHRA)
011 717 8066
Research interests: Human resource management and management and innovation management.

David Coldwell

Director, Strategic Foresight Research Group (SFRG) 
011 717 8077
Research interests: Strategic management, organisational behaviour, business ethics, corprate social responsibility, business research mehods and labour relations.

Aretha Mazingi

Associate Lecturer  
011 717 8087
Research interests: Leadership, performance and talent management, employee engagement and strategic human resources management.

Althea Jansen Moodley

Undergraduate Coordinator, Human Resource Management and Management 
011 717 8089
Research interests: Leadership,Engagement, Job Crafting, Organisational commitment and Management in the Education sector

Emmanuel Nkomo

Masters Coordinator 
011 717 8143
Research interests: Employee motivation and retention, organisational leadership and behaviour, labour relations and human capital development.

Robert Venter

Senior Lecturer (Dr)
Master and Honours Coordinator 
011 717 8090
Research interests: Enterprise development, entrepreneurship, project management, indigenous knowledge and values and labour relations.

Cordelia Volker

Associate Lecturer 
011 717 8166
Research interests: Performance management, partnership relationships and local economic development.


Information Systems

Jean-Marie Bancilhon

Acting Head, Information Systems Division
Honours course coordinator 
011 717 8156
Research interests: Social psychology to IS adoption in consumer contexts.

Judy Backhouse

Associate Professor
PhD course coordinator
Research interests: Smart cities and e-government.

Jason Cohen

Associate Professor
Deputy Dean (CLM)
Assistant Dean, Research (CLM) 
011 717 8164
Research interests: Management of IS with the service sectors of health and hospitality.

Lyrice Cohen

Senior Tutor 
011 717 8153

Emma Coleman

Senior Lecturer (Dr)
Masters course coordinator   
011 717 8152
Research Interests: Research methods, social inequality, ICT4D, green IS and sustainability, mobile technologies and social media.

Thomas Grace

011 717 8154
Research interests: Games and game based learning.

Mitchell Hughes

011 717 8157
Research Interests: Technology in higher education, technology-mediated collaboration and communication and social media.

Ray Kekwaletswe

Senior Lecturer (Dr) 
011 717 8146
Research interests: IS in government and e-governance.

Nugi Nkwe

011 717 8162

Nalukui Malambo


Suzanne Sackstein

Principal Tutor 
011 717 8158
Research interests: Adoption and use of mobile devices.

Linda Spark

Senior Tutor 
011 717 8163

Ernest Skinner

011 717 8159

Insurance and Risk Management

Albert Mushai

Head, Insurance and Risk Management Division 
011 717 8092

Pholile Dladla

011 717 8232

Justine Crossley

011 717 8196
Research interests: Insurance law principles, health insurance and insurance regulation.

Agata MacGregor

Honours course coordinator 
011 717 8080

Robert Vivian

011 717 8088


Norman Chiliya

Senior Lecturer (Dr)
Head, Marketing Division 
011 717 8063

Richard Chinomona

Associate Professor
011 717 8284

Helen Duh

Senior Lecturer (Dr)
011 717 8217
Research interests: Brand management, consumer behaviour, social marketing and transformative consumer research.

Freddy Mgiba

Lecturer (Dr) 
011 717 9999

Marike Venter-de Villiers

Senior Lecturer (Dr) 
011 717 8067
Research interests: Consumer behaviour, experiential marketing, retail, fashion marketing and branding.


Professional and Administrative Staff

Thandi Chamane

Undergraduate Administrator
011 717 8084

Larah-Ann Davids

Postgraduate Admissions/ Applications Administrator
011 717 8231

Lucia Fennessy

Postgraduate Administrator: Economics & Information Systems 
011 717 8241

Zinhle Kubheka

HOS Office Coordinator 
011 717 8082

Tebogo Mmolawa

Senior Finance Officer
011 717 8121

Siyabonga Molaba

Research Administrator 
011 717 8004 

Lucas Nkuna

LAN Administrator
011 717 8078

Patricia Nowlotha

Undergraduate Administrator
011 717 8142

Tholoana Phoshodi

Website, Events & Communications Administrator 
011 717 8151

Nomsa Qwelane

Finance Officer 
011 717 8240

Fikile Radebe

Administrative Assistant 
011 717 8167

Molefe Rampa

Undergraduate Administrator 
011 717 8112

Michelle van Roy

Senior Operations Administrator
011 717 8119 

Irma Watson

Postgraduate Administrator: Business Sciences 
011 717 8095