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Disciplines Studied at SEBS


Economics is the largest discipline in SEBS, and forms the foundation for all studies in commerce. The discipline therefore services a large number of students and has a strong focus on teaching excellence. However, it is equally focused on conducting cutting-edge research and is closely aligned with several research entities in SEBS.


The Finance discipline teaches and conducts research in one of the most exciting and dynamic areas of business. Our team comprises a good mix of highly experienced and well-published academics, and young up-and-coming talent drawn from our pool of top graduates.

Information Systems (IS)

Dedicated to the development of high calibre Information Systems professionals, we offer comprehensive and highly applied programmes from undergraduate through to doctoral levels. We take a systemic approach to the analysis, design, implementation and management of information systems and investigate their effects at individual, organisational and societal levels.

Insurance and Risk Management 

Teaching and research in the discipline of Insurance and Risk Management is informed by the four key areas in which risk is manifest.  These are the risk of loss or damage to property; injury, loss or death to people; illness; and living too long.

Management and Human Resource Management

The Management and Human Resource Management disciplines offer up-to-date undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in various aspects of their fields.


Teaching and research in the Marketing discipline focuses on various areas including consumer behaviour, communications and electronic media strategy, marketing theory, marketing research, services marketing, and general marketing strategy.