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Academic programmes

SEBS offers a wide range of exciting and stimulating undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across all its disciplines.

Undergraduate programmes

The School is home to the highly prized Wits BCom and BEconSc degrees.

The Wits BCom

The BCom is offered as a double-major general degree with the choice of majors from a variety of disciplines within the Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management, or with one major chosen from another faculty. This caters to a wide range of interests and potential careers. Several specialised BCom degrees are also offered, such as BCom (Information Systems), BCom (Law) and BCom (Politics, Philosophy and Economics – PPE).

The BEconSc degree

This is a more mathematically focused degree that has a major in Economics together with a mathematical science major. The entrance requirements are higher than those for the BCom. The BEconSc degree is seen as a specialist degree and focuses on building strong analytical abilities for graduates wishing to work in fields like economics, actuarial science or other business analytics fields.


SEBS also offers courses towards all three of the undergraduate degrees offered by the Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management, as all three degrees require students to take first year courses in Economics. Students studying towards the BAccSc degree also take an elective offered by SEBS. 

Postgraduate programmes

SEBS offers a full suite of postgraduate degrees across its disciplines, including Honours programmes, Masters (by Research), Masters (by Coursework and Research) and PhD degrees. 

Students engaged in our Honours, Masters and Doctoral programmes have access to experienced lecturers and supervisors who are leaders in their field. There are opportunities to specialise in various areas of study and to get involved in leading research, either on an individual basis or in affiliation with the School’s specialised research groups and units. Students also have the opportunity to engage in cross-disciplinary research.

Postgraduate studies provide students with an edge over their peers and the ability to advance their careers further and faster. While an undergraduate degree provides the foundation for knowledge in a particular area, postgraduate degrees allow you to specialise. In addition, they hone your critical thinking, research and communication skills and enhance both your theoretical and applied knowledge in your chosen area.

Admission to postgraduate studies in the School of Economic and Business Sciences is highly competitive. We accept on average only the top 10% of applicants each year. This means that, even if you meet the minimum entry requirements, you may not get a place on the programme of your choice. To maximise your chances of being accepted, you need high marks in relevant undergraduate programmes and a strong motivation as to why you should be part of the programme.

Masters and PhD applicants should contact the School before applying to find a supervisor.

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