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Dr N Moloto

Nosipho Moloto

Position: Associate professor/reader
Qualifications: PhD (Wits), MSc (Unizul)
Department: Chemistry
Phone: 011 717 6774
Room: Humphrey Raikes C206

Research Interests

Our group’s research interests can be divided into three areas namely:

(i)      Syntheses and characterization of inorganic nanostructures.

(ii)      Application of inorganic nanostructures in electronic devices.

(iii)     Biological applications of inorganic nanostructures.



A. Airo, R. Rodrigues, S. Gqoba, N. Ntholeng, F. Otieno, M.J. Moloto, M.W.C.C. Greenshields, I. Hummelgen, N. Moloto, Colloidal InSe nanostructures: effect of morphology on their chemical sensitivity to methanol and formaldehyde fumes, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical (2016),236, 116-125.


S. Govindraju, N. Ntholeng, K. Ranganathan, M.J. Moloto, L.M. Sikhwivhilu, N. Moloto, The effect of structural properties of Cu2Se /polyvinylcarbazole nanocomposites on the performance of hybrid solar cells, Journal of Nanomaterials (2016), 2016, 1-8.

M.A. Airo, S. Gqoba, F. Otieno, M.J. Moloto, N. Moloto, Structural modification and band-gap crossover in indium selenide nanosheets, RSC Advances (2016), 6(47), 40777-40784.

M. Mlambo, P.S. Mdluli, P. Shumbula, A. Skepu, R. Tshikhudo, N. Moloto, A sized-controlled synthesis and characterization of mixed monolayer protected silver-S-(CH2)11-NHCO-coumarin nanoparticles and their Raman activities, Journal of Materials Research, (2015), 30, 1934-1942.