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Dr Manuel Fernandes

Qualification: BSc(Hons), PhD (Witwatersrand)
Department: Chemistry
Phone: 011 717 6723
Room: HG 806A

Research Interests

My current interests lie in the study of solid-state reactions, phase change phenomena as well as the crystal engineering of materials with desired physical properties. So far my work has mainly been focused on molecular crystals. In molecular crystals weak interactions play a very significant role in all three of these phenomena and hence the effect of these on the crystal packing and consequent solid-state properties of the material is often the focus of the study. In carrying out such studies the following techniques tend to be used: Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction, Powder X-ray Diffraction, Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) as well as several other solid-state analytical methods.


Polymorphism and phase transformations in 2,6-disubstituted N-phenylformamides: the influence of hydrogen bonding, chloro-methyl exchange, intermolecular interactions and disorder, B. Omondi, M.A. Fernandes, M. Layh, D.C. Levendis, J.L. Look and T.S.P. Mkwizu, CrysEngComm, 2005, 7, 690-700.

Photodimerization of the ? -polymorph of ortho-ethoxy-trans-cinnamic acid in the solid state. I. Monitoring the reaction at 293 K, M.A. Fernandes and D.C. Levendis, Acta Cryst., 2004, B60, 315-324.

A new polymorph of ortho-ethoxy-trans-cinnamic acid: single-to-single-crystal phase transformation and mechanism, M.A. Fernandes, D.C. Levendis and F.R.L. Schoening, Acta Cryst., 2004, B60, 300-314.

Tris(2-pyridyl)phosphine oxide: how C-H O and C-H N interactions can affect crystal packing efficiency, R.J. Bowen, M.A. Fernandes, P.W. Gitari and M. Layh, Acta Cryst., 2004, C60, o258-o260.

The solid-state isomerization of cis- and trans-(h5-C5H4Me)Mo(CO)2(P(OiPr)3I, O.G. Adeyemi, M. A. Fernandes, L. Cheng, U. B. Eke, D. C. Levendis and N. J. Coville, Comptes Rendus Chimie, 2002, 5, 387-394.

Solvate and polymorphs of ortho-ethoxy- trans-cinnamic acid: the crystal and molecular structures, M. A. Fernandes, D.C. Levendis and C.B. de Koning, Crystal Engineering, 2001, 4, 215-231.