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ASPRO Dave Billing

Qualification: BSc, BScHons, MSc, PhD(Witwatersrand), MRSC, MSACI
Department: Chemistry
Phone: 011 717 6759
Room: GH 822

Research Interests

My research interests are broadly centred on the synthesis and characterisation of novel materials. Current projects are focussed on Organic-Inorganic Hybrid materials (Nanocomposites) as well as materials that have negative thermal expansion coefficients. Typical characterisation techniques include Single crystal XRD, PXRD (including Rietveld refinement), DSC, HSM and solid state UV-Vis spectroscopy.


Bis(1-phenylethylammonium) tetraiodoplumbate(II).
D.G. Billing
Acta Cryst. (2002), E58, m669-m671

n-Undecylammonium bromide monohydrate
G.J. Kruger, M. Rademeyer and D.G. Billing
Acta Cryst. (2003), E59, o480-o482

catena-(bis((S)-1-phenethylammonium) tris-bromo-plumbate(II))
D.G. Billing and A. Lemmerer.
Acta Cryst E, (2003). E59, m381-m383

Solid State Isomerisation Reactions of Some Ruthenium complexes.
F.M. Nareetsile, O.P.M. Horwood, D.G. Billing, D.C. Levendis, N.J. Coville
J Organomet Chem 683 (2003) 2-7

Solventless isomerisation reactions: A crystallographic and thermomicroscopic investigation of some Ru(Cl)2L2L2 complexes.
O.P.M. Horwood, D.G. Billing, D. C. Levendis , F. M. Nareetsile and N.J. Coville
CrystEngComm, (2003), 5(83), 468-473

Rietveld refinement of In2S3 using neutron and X-ray powder diffraction data
Niyum S Rampersadh, Andrew M Venter , David G Billing
Physica B, (2004), 350, e383-e385

Magnesiation Employing Grignard Reagents and Catalytic Amine. Application to the Functionalization of N-Phenylsulfonylpyrrole.
A. Dinsmore, D.G. Billing, K. Mandy, J.P. Michael, D. Mogano, S. Patil
Organic Letters, (2004), 6, 293 - 296

Bis(pentane-1,5 diammonium) decaiodotriplumbate(II)
D.G. Billing and A. Lemmerer
Acta Cryst. (2004), C60, m224-m226

Catena-Poly[tetrakis(3-phenylpropylammonium) [iodoplumbate(II)-tri-m-iodo-plumbate(II)-tri-m-iodo-plumbate(II)-di-m-iodo]]
D.G. Billing and A Lemmerer
Acta Cryst. (2006). C62, m174-m176

Hydrogen bonding in isomorphous 2-methyl-4-nitroanilinium bromide and iodide
A. Lemmerer and David G. Billing
Acta Cryst. (2006). C62, o271-o273