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Are you aware of the restrictions to enter campus?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are restrictions to access campus and protocols that you will need to follow while on campus.

  • Students are requested not to bring other friends/family to accompany them. A maximum of one guardian will be permitted to enter the campus. All protocols apply.

  • Before you intend to come to campus, ensure you know what COVID-19 is, how it is transmitted, and what your risks are. Read-up on Wits COVID-19 Portal website and the NCID website 
  • All persons who enter campus are required to complete the Wits screening tool. Visitors who do not have the LogBox Patient app need to dial *120*8501# to screen.

  • You may only come on to campus if you ‘pass’ the screening and present it to the Protection Service officers at the entrance. You must complete the screening tool every time you enter the campus.
  • Once on campus, follow the COVID-19 Protocols of 1M + 2V + 3Ss:
    • Wear a Mask at all times when on campus. Protection Services will not admit people on to campus who do not have a face mask.
    • Stay in well-Ventilated areas
    • You are encouraged to Vaccinate
    • Complete the COVID-19 Screening tool prior to entering campus. Protection Services will not admit people on campus without completing the Screening tool.
    • Keep a 1.5-meter Social distance from others at all times
    • Sanitise your hands regularly. Sanitisers are available in the hall but visitors are advised to bring their own bottles as an extra precaution. Wash hands often and throw away your litter in dustbins immediately to prevent others having to do it for you. Cough or sneeze into your elbow.

As of 01 March, 2022 all persons entering any Wits campuses or premises will need to demonstrate proof of COVID-19 Vaccination with presentation of their Vaccination Certificate with QR Code. You will be expected to share your vaccination status before entering campus by providing your vaccination certificate details. Read more information on the Wits Vaccination Implementation Portal.