Registration 2023

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Accept an offer and register online

  • Access self-service

  • Accept an offer and register online before the deadline stipulated in the firm offer letter.

  • Should you not do so, the offer will be withdrawn, and the place will be offered to another applicant. NO telephonic or email acceptances can be made. You may only accept one firm offer. Acceptance of an offer alone does not secure or hold your place. Applicants must register/enrol online within the specified timelines.

  • SA citizens are required to pay the first fee payment before registration - refer to First Fee Payment tab below.

  • International applicants are required to pay at least 75% of the year’s tuition fees before being able to register and will require clearance from the International Students Office - click the Fee Estimator tile to generate an annual fees estimate for an academic programme that you are either active in or have applied for.

  • Residence applicants must have accepted the residence offer and paid the deposit to be allowed into a residence after registration.
Online Registration
  • Students are encouraged to register online using the Self-Service Portal.

  • If you are unable to complete your registration online, or require assistance such as curriculum counselling, you may register on campus within the specified timeframe however, services will be limited.

  • You must complete your registration within these times or your offer will be withdrawn. The University cannot guarantee a place for students who do not register on time, even if they have accepted their offer. Refer to your firm offer letter for registration dates.

  • You will be able to collect your student card, parking permit, and Wits bag at Assisted Registration. The Fees, Financial Aid and Scholarship Office, International Students Office, Faculty, and Student Enrolment Centre are available at the Assisted Registration venue.

  • Click here for a step-by-step Guide. You will be asked for the following information during online registration:
    • Confirmation of Personal Details

    • Medical Aid details where applicable

    • If you wish to be considered for a funding opportunity, an indication of what your annual household income is will be required

    • If your curriculum is flexible, find out more beforehand about the courses you are considering

    • Should you require parking, please apply for a Parking Permit on the self-service portal.   


First Fee Payment

All self-funded students are required to make a first fee payment towards fees BEFORE registration. This is a standard amount of R9340 that is applicable to all students. Students will not be able to register if this amount is not paid. Payments via EFT should be made 4 days in advance to clear before registration.  

  • If you cannot make this payment, or you are awaiting NSFAS feedback, by the time you register, you can apply for a First Fee payment postponement. This Fee is part of your total academic charge which is payable by the end of April. Students can complete the First Fee payment postponement on the student self-service portal. Refer to First Fee Payment Postponement Guide.

  • You can only apply for a First Fee postponement if you have been offered, and have accepted, a place in a programme.

  • The first fee payment is not applicable if you have been given a full Wits University scholarship.

  • Sponsored students can load their sponsor letters on the student self-service portal under the Financial Aid tile.

  • NSFAS funded students will be cleared automatically if the University has been informed of their funding status.

Information on fees, terms and conditions, and funding

International Students
  • Must complete the On-line Fee Estimator (accessible on the Student Self Service Portal) for the annual tuition fees, other related costs and the on-campus accommodation fee (if applicable).

  • Must pay 75% of the annual tuition fee and other related costs, as well the on-campus accommodation fee on or before registration.

  • Must be cleared by the Fees Office.

  • Must be cleared by the International Students Office before registering. For clearance information to enable you to register click here.

  • The International Students Office is also available to answer queries, for contact details click here.
Online Biographical Questionnaire

Please complete this survey while registering on the self-service portal. The University collects biographical information from all first-year undergraduate students to develop a better understanding of the financial, educational and social needs of our students. The information obtained from this questionnaire will assist the University in offering relevant and responsive support throughout your studies.

  • Students may be required to reset their password on the self-service portal to complete the survey. Should you experience any difficulties with the password, please contact Wits ICT at 011 717 1717. For any queries regarding the questionnaire, please contact |011 717 1175/73.

  • To download the one-page guide to completing the BQ, click here. For a more detailed guide to completing the BQ, click here.

Click here for online and assisted registration dates