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Improving Health Systems and Health Resources

Health Workers for Choice - Working to improve quality of abortion services
hfc intro.pdf
hfc facilitators guide.pdf
hfc workshop part 1.pdf
hfc workshop part 2.pdfhfc addendum.pdf
Health Workers for Change: A manual to improve quality of care
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The Workshops
hwc-why am i a healthworker.pdf
hwc-how do clients see us.pdf
hwc-womens status.pdf
hwc-unmet needs.pdf
hwc-overcoming obstacles.pdf
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Health Systems Assessment and Planning Manual: Transforming Reproductive Health Services
hsa introduction.pdf
hsa - section 1.pdf - Health workers for change
hsa - section 2.pdf - Self administered questionnaire
hsa - section 3.pdf - Key informant interviews
hsa - section 4.pdf - Facility checklist
hsa - section 5.pdf - Timeflow and workload study
hsa - section 6.pdf - Focus group discussion
hsa - section 7.pdf - A train and its stations
hsa - section 8.pdf - Analysing data
Mainstreaming Gender in Health: A manual for Health Research and Programme Managers
Commissioned as input for The Department of Gender and Women s Health, World Health Organization. whomainstreaming gender in health.pdf