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Associate Professor Warrick McKinon

Warrick heads up the biomechanics division of the MPRL. Warrick’s research interests include sports performance, exercise physiology, pure biomechanics and neuroscience.

Dr Rebecca Meiring

Rebecca runs the Exercise Physiology division of the MPRL. Rebecca completed her PhD in the field of exercise and bone health in children. Her current research interests lie in the assessment of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in people with musculoskeletal disorders specifically rheumatoid arthritis and knee osteoarthritis. She is also interested in using exercise as an alternative form of therapy for the diseases of the lifestyle. Rebecca is a keen road runner and herself assists with the performance testing of endurance runners.

Dr Sam Kerr

Sam completed her PhD in the biomechanics division of the MPRL. Her research interest includes sports performance, physical activity and sleep disturbances and their effects on neurological disorders.

Dr Chloe Dafkin

Chloe has completed her PhD in the biomechanics division of the MPRL. Her research interests include exercise physiology, gait assessment, biomechanics of neurological disorders and reflex assessments.

Honorary staff members

Dr Joanne McVeigh

Joanne is a senior lecturer in the School of Occupational Therapy, Social Work and Speech Pathology at Curtin University in Western Australia. She has a research focus on the role of exercise in chronic disease, bone and muscle health. Jo is also interested in measuring physical activity levels in children and adults and observing the association with metabolic profiles. Jo’s research background is in the largest longitudinal birth cohort study in Africa - the Birth to Twenty study in South Africa. She has also done research in the Raine study in Australia.


Dr Tanja Oosthuyse

Tanja’s current research focus is physiological well-being, nutrition and performance in cyclists. Tanja is also a freelance sports science writer for a local cycling magazine (RIDE) and frequently submits articles on the latest advances in sport science in order to bridge the gap between science and the current knowledge of the athlete.

Research Associates

Dr David Goble

David has recently (2017) graduated with his PhD from Rhodes University and has joined the MPRL as a part-time research associate. The topic of his PhD was to investigate the effects of a prolonged intermittent batting simulation on cognitive performance and performance parameters in a cohort of amateur batters. His primary research areas are exercise physiology and cognitive ergonomics. David is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and has worked closely with athletes in achieving performance-related goals.

Qualifications: BSc (Honours), MSc (Rhodes University), PhD (Rhodes University), CSCS (NSCA)




2016 - Present

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