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The Movement Physiology Research Lab

The MPRL consists of a vibrant and dynamic research team. We believe that exercise plays an essential role in treating, and even preventing, chronic diseases of lifestyle such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. We are also interested in gaining knowledge about the diseases which limit exercise and movement. As such, our research focuses on exercise and physical activity as a lifestyle tool to improve the health of South Africans, both young and old.

The MPRL is also involved in the study and assessment of performance in both recreational and elite athletes. Our research focus in this regard is concerned with golfing performance (the drive and putt), cricket (fast bowling and batting), rugby performance (passing, kicking and scrumming) and performance in a variety of other sports (e.g. ballet, horse riding and road running). We offer a professional and scientific assessment of performance and recommend training programs to improve performance.