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Health and Safety in the School of Physiology



Mrs Ashmeetha Manilall-Singh

(Room: 6A03; Tel: (011) 717 2456; e-mail:




Ms Delene Nciweni

(Room: 6P06; Tel: (011) 717-2156; e-mail:

Mrs Glenda Norman

(Room: 6N02; Tel: (011) 717-2482; e-mail:

Mrs Tapiwa Chinaka

Room: 7M13; Tel: 717-2030; e-mail:




Mrs Glenda Norman

(Room: 6N02; Tel: (011) 717-2482; e-mail:

Associate Professor Richard Brooksbank

(Room: 6M02; Tel: (011) 717-2253; e-mail:

Mr Zipho Zwane

(Room: 7M17; Tel: 717-2562; e-mail:




To comply with both Faculty and Occupational Health Safety & Environmental Management (OHSEM) stipulations, all students are required to wear laboratory coats and closed shoes when involved in the laboratory practicals. Students must also take all reasonable precautions when in the laboratory, including wearing surgical gloves, face mask and/or safety glasses as appropriate or when instructed to do so. Failure to comply may result in expulsion from the laboratory session, the matter may also be referred to the Head of School and such failure to comply will nullify any claim for compensation in the event of accident or injury or both.


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