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We live in the century of the photon, with photonics steadily replacing electronics. This has led to numerous Nobel prizes either in or facilitated by photonics (LIGO for example), as well as ground-breaking technologies (smartphones for example). Photonics is a field of physics where you can make a huge impact in both academia and industry, with numerous job opportunities both nationally and abroad.

In the Structured Light Laboratory within the School of Physics at Wits, we study how to tailor light in all its degrees of freedom, and use this platform for fundamental and applied studies with both classical and quantum states of light. We make our own lasers, play with quantum entangled states, and create exotic states of bright light, all using modern digital tools. Our blend of theory, computational tools and experiments allows us to work at the forefront of our field internationally.

To learn more, go to our webpage to find out about the team, our projects and our track record, as well as recent news stories about our work. You are also welcome to contact us directly: Professor Andrew Forbes or Dr Angela Dudley.