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Condensed Matter Theory

Condensed Matter Theory at the School of Physics covers a wide range of interests.  Current research activities include

  • physics and chemistry of nanosystems. optics and photonics, strong materials, notions of order and disorder (Alex Quandt, Robert Warmbier and George Manyali)
  • quantum transport and mesoscopic physics: polarons in carbon nanotubes, disorder and localization (Izak Snyman)
    • fundamentals of density functional theory, structural and optical properties of materials and molecules (Daniel Joubert, Mohammed Suleiman, Mahmud Abdulsalam, Moise Dongho Nguimdo, Ninon Gildas Ondzibou and Blake Jordan)
    • wave propagation and phonon transport in elastically anisotropic solids (Arthur Every)

Active Researchers

Prof. Arthur Every

Most of my research falls within the broad field of wave propagation and phonon transport in elastically anisotropic solids. My researches are of a theoretical nature, and draw to some extent on computer simulations as a way of gaining a deeper understanding of physical phenomena and uncovering underlying patterns.


Prof. Daniel Joubert

My general interest is in theoretical and computational condensed matter physics. I am specifically interested in the formalism of Density Functional Theory and in the application of Density Functional Theory in calculating the physical properties of solids and molecules.


Prof. Alex Quandt

Research Interests: Nanomaterials, super hard materials, materials for energy, aperiodic solids and notions of order and disorder, photonics and plasmonics, nanotechnology.


Dr. Izak Snyman

Research Interests: Theoretical condensed matter physics; quantum transport.

I am interested in the unusual behavior of electronic matter at low temperatures (a few Kelvin) and/or small (a few nanometers) length scales.