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Managing Labour Relations

Reimagining education through online learning at Wits in partnership with DigitalCampus

The University of the Witwatersrand, a world leader in learning and education, in keeping abreast of international trends and gaps in the education landscape, has recognised the ever-growing need for learning in the corporate professional community – the need for practical skill improvement, workplace-applicable knowledge, professional development, workplace competence and career progression opportunities. The corporate professional has long been part of Wits’ learnership at Wits Plus (the Wits Centre for Part-time Studies), a learning platform designed around the needs of the corporate professional gives you access to Wits Plus courses wherever you are.

We’ve responded to our students’ needs and international trends by offering  a fully online study opportunity – no need to travel to classes after work in the evening; our courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and are fully adaptable to all device types. “Our vision is to make a world-class learning experience available to those who do not have access to face-to-face education opportunities”, says Dr Johan Swanepoel, the Director of Wits Plus.

Our “integrated learning” experience combines group collaboration, specially curated content and access to a subject matter expert. Get instant feedback, interact with fellow students, check your knowledge with frequent quizzes and let our learning facilitators guide you – all in the comfort and convenience of your own environment and timeline. This respect of the value of our students’ time and the acknowledgement of their busy schedules can also be seen in the fact that our eight-week courses conclude with an online exam in week 10 that implements cutting-edge technology to verify our students’ identities.

Successful students receive a Wits-certified CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE.

Our first course, Managing Labour Relations, had a 100% completion rate with 94% of students receiving a Wits-certified Certificate of Competence. This graduating class gave our course, our facilitators and their overall experience with DigitalCampus an 88% overall satisfaction rating.

But don’t believe them, put us to the test yourself. To view our current courses and for further information, please visit our website at

Who is DigitalCampus?
DigitalCampus offers the most career-orientated online learning in South Africa, combining the renowned strength of Wits University's content along with business acumen and online learning capability of LRMG Performance Agency, one of South Africa's leading performance and learning consulting firms. DigitalCampus offers you an online learning experience focusing on core skills required to excel as a business professional - both today and in the future.

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