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Bachelor of Dental Science Overview

The Bachelor of Dental Science degree is a 5 year course which is undertaken at the Wits Health Sciences Campus in Parktown.

The first year of study aims at enforcing a solid foundation on which can students can build their career. The Anatomy and Physiology courses give students a deeper understanding and insight of the ideal structure and function of the human body. The preclinical Operative Dentistry, Dental Materials and Prosthodontics courses introduce students to dentistry and the basic skills required by dentists.

The second year continues to build on the skill set learnt in the first year of study. The Pathology, Microbiology and Oral Biology courses seek to apprise students of the various dysfunctions that occur and the sequelae thereof. A wider spectrum of dental skills are introduced including Endodontics, Maxillofacial and Oral Radiology, Integrated Learning and Dental Practice Management. The Public Oral Health and Bioethics courses also alert students to their social responsibilities as health professionals.

The third year is a milestone in the curriculum as it entails students entering the polyclinics for the first time. The focus of learning now shifts to clinical teaching whereby students, under the guidance of clinical instructors, perform patient treatment. This experience allows students to bridge the gap between theory and practical and unleashes a new brand of professional. Courses undertaken in the third year of study include Operative Dentistry, Endodontics, Paediatric Dentsitry, Prosthodontics as well as introductions to Orthodontics, Periodontology and Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery. The Public Oral Health course also introduces students to Research in this year.

The fourth year of study continues to hone students skillset in the various dental disciplines. The Comprehensive Patient Care course is introduced in this year to breakdown the "compartment syndrome" experienced by most students to allow them to focus on a holistic approach to patient treatment. The Fixed Prosthodontic, Rotary Endodontic, General Medicine and Oral Medicine courses are but a few highlights of this study year.

The final year of study seeks to tie in all aspects of the students dental education. A major emphasis of this year lies on comprehensive patient treatment, with a focus on community outreach programmes. Students are also afforded an opportunity to choose Electives in the fields of dentistry that interest them.

Bachelor of Dental Science Curriculum

Undergraduate curriculum at a glance

Bioethics, Health Law and Human Rights I: FAMH1000
Oral Microbiology I: OPAT1001
Anatomy for Dental Students: ANAT2030
Physiology and Medical Biochemistry: PHSL2003
Operative Dentistry I: OHSC1004
Prosthodontics I: PROD1001
Public Oral Health I: COMD1000
Dental Materials for Dental Students I: OHSC1001
First Aid: FAHS1898
Computer Literacy: FAHS1997

Integrated Learning I: OHSC2001
Pathology (Anatomical and Haematological): ANAP3001
Oral Biology for Dental Students: ANAT3030
Medical Microbiology: CMID3002
Oral Microbiology: OPAT3001
Operative Dentistry: II OHSC2007
Endodontics I: OHSC2006
Prosthodontics: II PROD2000
Public Oral Health II: COMD2002
Bioethics, Health Law and Human Rights II: FAMH2005
Dental Materials for Dental Students II: OHSC2002
Dental Practice Management I: OHSC2003
Maxillo-Facial and Oral Radiology I: ORMP2002

Oral Pathology: OPAT4001
Pharmacology: PHAR3005
Maxillo-Facial and Oral Radiology II: ORMP3000
Emergency Medicine: FAMH3001
Public Oral Health III: COMD3001
Prosthodontics III: PROD3000
Introduction to Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgery: SURG3001
Operative Dentistry III: OHSC3009
Endodontics II            : OHSC3008
Paediatric Dentistry I: OHSC3007
Dentofacial Growth and Development: ORTD3002
Essentials in Orthodontic Techniques and Diagnosis ORTD
Introduction to Periodontology: ORMP3001
Integrated Learning II: OHSC3002
Dental Practice Management II: OHSC3003
Dental Materials for Dental Students III: OHSC3004

General Medicine and Paediatrics for Dental Students: MEDC4003
General Surgery: SURG4000
Integrated Learning III: OHSC4002
Prosthodontics IV: PROD4001
Operative Dentistry IV: OHSC4008
Endodontics III: OHSC4007
Paediatric Dentistry II: OHSC4006
Periodontology I: ORMP4003
Maxillo-Facial and Oral Radiology III: ORMP4002
Clinical Orthodontics I: ORTD4002
Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgery II: SURG4004
Public Oral Health IV: COMD4000
Bioethics, Health Law and Human Rights III: FAMH3003
Oral Medicine I: ORMP4004
Dental Materials for Dental Students IV: OHSC4004
Dental Practice Management III: OHSC4005
Comprehensive Patient Care: OHSC4003


Anaesthetics: ANAE5001
Operative Dentistry V: OHSC5007
Endodontics IV: OHSC5006
Paediatric Dentistry III          
Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgery III   SURG5002
Periodontology II: ORMP5004
Oral Medicine II: ORMP5006
Prosthodontics V: PROD5002
Clinical Orthodontics II: ORTD5003
Public Oral Health V: COMD5002
Integrated Learning IV: OHSC5003
Advanced Comprehensive Patient Care: OHSC5004
Elective Studies: FAHS1596