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The urgency of transformation in the global South

- Deborah Minors

Professor Felix Maringe has since 2004 researched higher education markets in the context of international and global developments.

He is a Professor in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Wits and holds a doctorate from the University of Southampton.

While global North academies are preoccupied with attracting students and staff to increase these academies’ intellectual stock, global South institutions tend to focus their internationalisation efforts on developing curricula that reflect strong international dimensions.

In addition, global North universities have a stronger focus on research, while those in the south tend to be more teaching-led. This creates divergent rather than convergent narratives of internationalisation and confounds the potential for coherent partnerships.

Contextualised within the transformation narrative, Maringe proposes an epistemological ecology for engaging partners in the processes of decolonising higher education and sees this as a key springboard for an envisaged higher education programme of teaching and research into international markets and curricula. The programme is designed to include Master’s level courses and doctoral research programmes in the field.

Maringe has over 80 publications in refereed journals, which include four books on markets in higher education, globalisati on and internationalisation in the sector and transformation in education.

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