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You do have a maths brain

- Wits University

Maths lecturer, Abdul Hamid Carrim, tells 702 how our brains are designed to take in maths.

He joined #NightTalk's Gugs Mhlungu and Sizwe Dhlomo on Wednesday night to speak about how anyone can enjoy maths. "We need to think of maths as a language," he told listeners.

Carrim is an Associate Lecturer of Mathematics in the School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

Known as @Baymath on Twitter, Carrim is making maths fun: "Hello. I am Baymath, your personal Mathematics companion." He shares his insights into maths education, gives tips and advice about learning maths, and motivates his followers that maths is "just a language" anyone can learn. 

Abdul Hamid Carrim, Associate Lecturer in Mathematics, on 702 #NightTalk