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Eight-year-old launches book

- By Refilwe Mabula

Eight-year-old Stacey Fru will launch her book Smelly Cats at the second Wits International Language and Literacy Symposium on Saturday, 8 August 2015.

Her book launch will be part of the Symposium themed Shifting the Lenses: Language and Literacy Education in Multilingual Encounters, which will be held at Parktown Education Campus from 8 to 10 August 2015.

Stacey, a grade 3 pupil at Sacred Heart College is no ordinary eight-year-old girl. She is an avid reader and writer, and already has a second book underway.

After reading numerous books, Stacey decided to try her own hand at writing, and produced Smelly Cats, a 108 paged colourfully illustrated book, which took her only four months to write. 

“I like reading and writing. I could not get enough of reading books and I wanted to write my own”, says Stacey.

Smelly Cats is about two cousin cats from different backgrounds who are always fighting but at the end manage to put their indifferences behind them and reconcile as friends.

“In life everyone has a time to fight, and you can’t live without fighting,”says Stacey who finds fighting "silly" and unnecessary.

Through her book Stacey wishes to inspire more children to start reading. 

Stacey enjoys playing with her two brothers and one sister, playing with her iPad and watching television. Her favourite subjects at school are Maths and Science.

“Science is my favourite subject because you get to learn more about nature and animals as well as experimenting more,” she says. “I like maths because you work with numbers and sometimes you do not get clever  without those two subjects.”

Though Stacey has developed a talent for writing, she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

“If I am an author I will not really get enough money for publishing, editing and printing, so I have to do another  job.” 

Her daily schedule involves doing homework, playing, going for ballet classes and reading for her younger siblings when her elder brother is unavailable to read for them.

Stacey’s number one priority is school, so she only writes during her spare time when she is not too busy.

Her mother and manager, Victorine Fru says that Stacey writes anytime, anywhere and about any subject.

“You can hurt Stacey and she can write a note on the door, saying: ‘Mom why did you hurt me?’.”

Stacey has sold over a 1000 copies from her first book launch which was held at her school on 16 July 2015. Her launch at Wits will take place in the Staff lounge, Bohlahleng Block, Parktown Education Campus at 18:00.

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