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  • Facilitation of research projects - Fostering partnerships between prospective project participants and partially funding research projects of which the main outcome is new knowledge, technologies, processes and methods with a substantial potential for commercialization. Project outcomes should be aligned with Government?s vision and strategy for the aerospace industry.
  • Human resource development - Development of scarce and higher level of skills, relevant to the requirements of the aerospace industry, including support to undergraduate and postgraduate students through bursaries and also through providing support to course development.
  • Strategy formulation and policy support - The NAC is a national programme supported by the dti and therefore an important resource to both Government and other stakeholders in support of strategy and policy formulation processes in primarily the aerospace industry.
  • Project management - The nature of the activities of the NAC requires a sound project management function to be available in the centre.
  • Management of intellectual property - Specific agreements on intellectual property will be agreed on a project-by-project basis amongst participants in line with the general principles of operation adopted by the centre. Only in exceptional instances will the NAC participate in the commercialization of technology.
  • Knowledge management - Manage a knowledge base and knowledge transfer.
  • Stakeholder management, marketing and communication - Implement efficient processes and systems to ensure effective communication to all stakeholders about the work and impact of the centre, the benefits of participating as a partner to the centre and actively promote the South African aerospace industry and its capabilities.
  • Administrative - Functions such as efficient financial management, reporting, etc related to the efficient operation of the centre.