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Centre for Mechanised Mining Systems (CMMS)

CMMS provides key support to mines undergoing mechanisation.

Mechanisation has become a feature of most South African mining operations. Although the degree of mechanisation and automation vary from mine to mine, reported benefits include:

  • A safer and healthier working environment.
  • Increased productivity and improved profitability.
  • Better opportunities for more fulfilling work.
  • A more attractive working environment for women.
  • Technological challenges that attract skilled people into the industry.

Modern, underground mechanised mining equipment promises improved safety and productivity in both established mechanised coal operations and in hard-rock operations where new technology is being introduced.

Effective management, based on sound understanding of mechanised mining systems, is essential to realise that promise.

To find out more, contact

Professor Frederick Cawood - Director
Tel: +27 11 717 7363

TBSA contact
August Lamos: 083 456 3952.