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Industrial Engineering (iMap)

iMAP, Industry Measurement, Models, Analysis and Performance is a group of Wits academics dedicated to model firms to help managers plan. Such work supports the firm s own strategies like quality improvement, benchmarking, being more competitive etc. We have three main drivers. Firstly, we measure and model parts of firms. Secondly, we provide personal development for students who undertake such research. Thirdly, we maintain a high quality of academic rigour in building new knowledge.

iMAP researchers:

  • complex systems such as functioning businesses and parts thereof, containing
  • technology, i.e. people, material and machinery, using
  • modern theories and experimental techniques, to
  • measure various indicators, to
  • model interrelationships (e.g. how changing rules affect firms performance), and to
  • produce better theories and enhance performance of complex systems.

By doing this we:

  • provide managers in firms with valuable information;
  • educate students in experimental methods and modelling techniques suitable for industry, and
  • undertake fundamental research.

Students learn modern methods to acquire, analyse and make recommendations about industrial data within a learning atmosphere. Staff provide guidance on converting data to information, and information to knowledge. Students get a powerful balance of practical experience in companies, research expertise and personal development.

In addition we collaborate with reputable overseas universities. Staff and students contribute to local and international conferences and journals.