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School of Mechanical, Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering


Our graduates are at the forefront of a wide variety of professional engineering practices and also add the strengths of their engineering education to problem solving in related fields such as management, consulting, law, medicine, and government. In addition, a number of prestigious research centres, units and groups – structures operating at a national level and contributing to the development of local industry and policy – are hosted by the School.


To read more about the history of the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering follow the link to the History page. 


The curriculum within the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment is structured to supply a solid grounding in fundamental engineering science, with an emphasis on generalised problem-solving skills.


The streams of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering have been at the forefront of engineering in South Africa for just over one hundred years.


Academics in the School are involved in a diverse range of research projects, including shock waves, thermal management of energy systems, residual stresses, Lean, multivariable robust control theory to aerospace vehicles, high capacity vehicles, supply chain management, and cold gas dynamic spraying.