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The SADC Communications Environment: An Assessment of Communications Policies, Laws and Regulations in SADC Member States

Charley Lewis and Lucienne Abrahams
LINK Centre

In August 2012, the LINK Centre  was contracted by GIZ to produce this study on the SADC communications environment. The purpose of the study was  to compile and complement existing information on trade in communication services, with a view to assisting SADC Member States’ preparations for regional negotiations on the communication sector. Chapter 2 of the study ("The Making of Regional Digital Economies: Themes and Approaches in Policy and Regulation") was written by Abrahams; Chapter 3 ("The Communications Environment in the SADC Region") was authored by Abrahams and Lewis; and Chapter 4 ("Country Profiles" -- one for each of the 15 SADC member states) was researched and written by Lewis.

The SADC Communications Environment