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Cybersecurity Leadership Master Class

Designed for executives and senior managers in government and industry, the Cybersecurity Leadership Master Class provides critically important knowledge on cybersecurity matters, in an interactive online format. Provided by the Wits LINK Centre with the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE), the Master Class includes lectures, problem analysis sessions and a reading guide, with no assessments.

2021 offerings of the Master Class:

  • Full-time: 5 days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning) 15-17 July 2021, or
  • Part-time over three weeks: two evenings per week, 6pm-8pm, commencing Tuesday 10 August 2021
  • Fee: ZAR18,000 per participant

Given the real-world security challenges across the African continent, data protection, privacy and cybersecurity legislative frameworks are in development, requiring cybersecurity governance compliance. The emerging cybersecurity legislative framework in South Africa demands a high level of knoweldge of the cybersecurity domain within organisations, both public and private.

Cybersecurity is the practice of making the networks that constitute cyberspace secure against intrusions; maintaining confidentiality, availability and integrity of information; detecting intrusions and incidents that do occur; and responding to and recovering from them. The cybersecurity domain encompasses technologies, policies, procedures, practices and culture, all designed to protect organisations’ enterprise communications, systems and assets from both internal and external threats. Threats and attacks are becoming more dynamic and complex, and detecting and attributing these attacks and threats to malicious actors is a major challenge to cybersecurity experts. This complex global problem requires a proactive, holistic and flexible approach to cybersecurity that addresses strategy, operations, and budgets, all focussed on protection of the enterprise information assets.

The cybersecurity mandate may fall under various roles within an organisation, including the Chief Information Security Officer, the Chief Risk Officer and even the Chief Information Officer.  The mandate therefore requires an extensive level of knowledge of the cybersecurity domain.

The LINK Centre, in collaboration with the JCSE, successfully launched the Cybersecurity Professional Practice and Leadership (CPPL) course in 2019, an interdisciplinary course focussing on security technologies; digital innovation; and national policy, standards, law and regulation. The course incorporates elements relevant to creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness and resilience, and focuses on developing relevant strategic responses to the security challenges posed to the digital communications ecosystem. Specifically designed to build the foundational analytical skills for this emerging field, the CPPL course has value for all enterprises and organisations. The Master Class provides some of the most powerful highlights covered in the course, directed towards the current needs of enterprises.

Administrator: Nokhanyo Yolwa, LINK Centre,, tel: +27-71-939-8867
Convenor: Dr. Kiru Pillay,, cc:

To apply for registration in this course, go to