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Digital Transformation and the IT Team

This free, self-paced online LINK Centre short course helps you understand what digital transformation truly means, how it impacts organisations, and how it changes the roles of IT and Chief Information Officer (CIO) teams.

Course delivery: Via the edX international online learning platform, as part of Wits University’s WitsX open education initiative. The course is free of charge, with an option to purchase a Verified Certificate of Achievement, endorsed by edX and Wits University, for USD49.

Course enrolment: 

Course background
Digital technologies are no longer the exclusive domain of the IT department, and IT can no longer be viewed simply as a support function within organisations. This course will help business and IT professionals from any organisation to understand the process of digital transformation, and to reorient their thinking to a digital business approach.

Digital systems, technologies, and data are increasingly critical for both strategy and operations across all organisations -- in both business and government. This shift has implications for how the IT function is managed within organisations, and how professionals think about digital systems within their organisations.

Course content
Participants will engage with the following:

  • the theories behind the shift from an IT paradigm to a digital business technology (BT) paradigm
  • how an environment of simultaneous chaos and order can exist within organisations that are rapidly digitising
  • the impact of digital transformation on the role of IT and CIO teams
  • the ways in which rapid digitisation creates a need for both IT and business professionals to reorient themselves towards a digital business approach