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The Digitalised Terrorism Ecology: A Systems Perspective

Nixon Muganda Ochara, University of Venda, and LINK Visiting Associate Professor
Nancy Achieng Odhiambo, University of Venda
Armstrong Kadyamatimba, University of Venda


This study uses a systematic review methodology to interpret existing literature on the digital dimensions of contemporary terrorism and counter-terrorism. Using the theory of synergetics as a guiding analytical framework, the study conducts meta-synthesis of relevant literature, including application of soft systems methodology (SSM), in order to generate conceptualisation of a digitalised terrorism ecology. This ecology comprises five interacting sub-systems: open digital infrastructure; digital information ecology; digital terrorism enactment; digital capabilities; and digital enslavement.

digital technologies, digitalisation, terrorism, counter-terrorism, synergetics, soft systems methodology (SSM), sociomateriality, digitalised terrorism ecology, open digital infrastructure, digital information ecology, counter power, digital terrorism enactment, digital enslavement

Recommended citation
Ochara, N. M., Odhiambo, N. A., & Kadyamatimba, A. (2020). The digitalised terrorism ecology: A systems perspective. The African Journal of Information and Communication (AJIC), 25, 1-19.