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AJIC Submission Guidelines

Corresponding Editor: Lucienne Abrahams

Submissions: Submit to 

Full-length Articles: Full-length articles should not exceed 8,000 words in length (with the word count including the Abstract Page, footnotes and the concluding References section).

Thematic Reports: Shorter thematic report contributions – and book reviews, comments, rejoinders to articles – should not exceed 3,000 words in length (with the word count including footnotes and the concluding References section).

Originality: Submissions are received with the understanding that their contents are original, unpublished material, are not being submitted for publication elsewhere, and are not direct copies of material submitted as part of a Master’s or PhD thesis or dissertation. Translated material that has not been published in English will be considered. The Editors reserve the right to edit or otherwise alter contributions, both before and after peer review, with authors given the opportunity to review and accept/reject edits and alterations.

Authorship: If the article has more than one author, the authors should be listed in order of degree of contribution to the article, i.e. the first-listed author is the one who contributed most.

Selection and Refereeing: All full‐length articles that the Corresponding Editor provisionally selects for publication will be reviewed “double-blind” by one or more referees selected by the Corresponding Editor from the AJIC Editorial Advisory Board or from among experts in the subject matter. Final selection for publication shall be contingent on referee approval and, where applicable, author implementation of changes requested by the referee(s). Thematic reports and other shorter contributions selected for publication by the Corresponding Editor will be refereed at the discretion of the Corresponding Editor.


  • Format: All submissions  should  be in 12‐point Times New Roman font,  single‐space,  left-aligned  MS Word  format (or  compatible  open  source  format) with minimal formatting.
  • Title page: The first page of the submission should contain the submission title and the corresponding author’s name, affiliation, postal address, email address and telephone number. Names and affiliations of co‐authors should also be listed.
  • Abstract page: The second page should contain an abstract not exceeding 200 words in length.
  • Tables: Tables should be numbered consecutively, in Arabic numerals, with the numbers followed by headings.
  • Figures: All graphs, diagrams and other drawings should be referred to as figures, and should also be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals, with the numbers followed by headings. Figures should be provided in a high resolution format that can be manipulated for editing and production purposes.
  • Footnotes: Footnotes (NOT end notes) should be used ONLY to provide supplementary information, NOT to provide full citations for sources.
  • Citations for sources: Citations of primary and secondary sources referred to in the article should be provided in APA citation style, i.e. via,
    • in-text bracketed (author, year) citations, with page numbers for direct quotations, and with this same style used to cite sources mentioned in footnotes; and
    • a concluding References section containing full citations for ONLY the sources cited in the text and footnotes, arranged in alphabetical order and following APA full-citation style conventions for punctuation, italicisation and upper-casing.