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The Southern African Journal of Information and Communication (SAJIC), Issue 9, 2008


The Role of Institutional Design in the Conduct of Infrastructure Industry Reforms – An Illustration through Telecommunications in Developing Countries - Farid Gasmi, Paul Noumba and Laura Recuero Virto

Mobile Telephony Access and Usage in Africa - Augustin Chabossou, Christoph Stork, Matthias Stork and Pam Zahonogo

MXit It Up in The Media: Media Discourse Analysis on a Mobile Instant Messaging System - Agnes Chigona and Wallace Chigona

Charging for Computer Networks at Higher Educational Institutions in Developing Countries - F.O. Kumolalo, E.A. Olajubu and G.A. Aderounmu

African National Regulatory Authority Benchmarking - Monica Kerretts-Makau

Book Review - Governing European Communications: From Unification to Coordination, by Maria Michalis (2007) - Lucky Madikiza