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The Southern African Journal of Information and Communication (SAJIC), Issue 5, 2004


ICTs for Development: What Prospects and Problems? - Robin Mansell

From Monopolies, Virtual Monopolies and Oligopolies to… What? Media Policy and Convergence in South Africa and the United Kingdom - Richard Collins

Changing ICT Rankings of African Nations - Tim Kelly

ICT Regulation and Policy at a Crossroads: A Case Study of the Licensing Process in Kenya - Monica Kerrets

Analysis of the Success of ICT at the Ikageng MPCC in support of the Itoseng Community: A Case Study - SJ Jacobs and Marlien Herselman

Universal Access Wheel: Towards Achieving Universal Access to ICT in Africa - Toks Oyedemi

Book Review: Rotting from the Head: Donors and LDC Corruption, edited by Salim Rashid, 2004 - Amy Mahan