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The Southern African Journal of Information and Communication (SAJIC), Issue 2, 2001

This second edition of the journal includes pieces on e-commerce, surveillance, institutional reform and universal access.

Towards Electronic Commerce in Africa: A Perspective from Three Country Studies - Philip Esselaar and Jonathan Miller

The Collision of Regulatory Convergence and Divergence: Updating Policies of Surveillance and Information Technology - Ian Hosein

Experimenting with Institutional Arrangements for Communications Policy and Regulation: The Case of Telecommunications and Broadcasting in South Africa - Alison Gillwald

Reviewing Universal Access in South Africa - Peter Benjamin

Convergence, Digitisation and New Technologies: Towards the Next Generation Network - Hu Hanrahan

Book Review: The Analyst, the Psychiatrist, the Soothsayer and the Handicapped: Africa and Globalisation - Joseph O Okpaku Sr

Brief: When Cultural Content and Information Technology Converge - Guy Berger