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AJIC Issue 24, 2019

Published 6 December 2019

Assessing the Social Media Maturity of a Community Radio Station: The Case of Rhodes Music Radio in South Africa – Mudiwa A. Gavaza and Noel J. Pearse

Teachers’ ICT Adoption in South African Rural Schools: A Study of Technology Readiness and Implications for the South Africa Connect Broadband Policy – Samwel Dick Mwapwele, Mario Marais, Sifiso Dlamini and Judy van Biljon

Realities of Microenterprises’ ICT Use for Business Activities and for Acquiring Online Government Support: A Study in Western Cape Province, South Africa – Muhammad Ameer Osman, Donald Flywell Malanga and Wallace Chigona

Digital Transformation in South Africa’s Short-Term Insurance Sector: Traditional Insurers’ Responses to Internet of Things (IoT) and Insurtech – Andrew J. Moodley

Intelligent Malware Detection Using a Neural Network Ensemble Based on a Hybrid Search Mechanism – Stephen M. Akandwanaho and Muni Kooblal

Best Practices for Establishment of a National Information Security Incident Management Capability (ISIMC) – Morné Pretorius and Hombakazi Ngejane

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