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The African Journal of Information and Communication (AJIC), Issue 12, 2012

Thematic Issue: Perspective on a Decade of e-Government in Africa


  • Prof Tawana Kupe, Faculty of Humanities, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
  • Lucienne Abrahams, LINK Centre, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
  • Dorothy Okello, CEDAT, Makerere University, Kampala; and WOUGNET                         

AJIC 12 Full-issue PDF   AJIC 12 Print-on-demand PDF

Editorial: Perspective on a Decade of e-Government in Africa - Tawana Kupe and Dorothy Okello

Section I: Themes and Approaches to Inform e-Strategies

A Decade of e-Government Research in Africa - Mark Burke

Grassroots Community Participation as a Key to e-Governance Sustainability in Africa - Nixon Muganda Ochara

Telecentre Approaches in Cameroon and Kenya Illuminated Using Behavioural Archaeology - David Hallberg, Carole Godem and Walter Dzimey

Enabling g-Government in the Gauteng City-Region - Chris Wray and Rex van Olst

SERVQUAL as a Socio-Technical Approach to Measuring e-Government Service Quality and Guiding e-Governance Strategies - Hosanna Twinomurinzi, Mphikeleli Gabriel Zwane and Legesse Kassa Debusho

Section II: Country Perspectives on e-Government Emergence

A Critical Analysis of e-Government in Zambia - Mjumo Mzyece

e-Government Lessons from South Africa 2001-2011: Institutions, State of Progress and Measurement - Fanie Cloete

e-Alexandria 2005-2010: A Multi-Perspective Analysis - Hatem A. Elkadi and Hisham M. Abdelsalam

Section III: Case Notes

e-Government and the Cameroon Cybersecurity Legislation 2010: Opportunities and Challenges - Patricia Ngeminang Asongwe

Section IV: Book Review

Hanna, N., & Knight, P. (Eds) (2011). Seeking Transformation through Information Technology: Strategies for Brazil, China, Canada and Sri Lanka; and Hanna, N., & Knight, P. (Eds) (2012). National Strategies to Harness Information Technology: Seeking Transformation in Singapore, Finland, The Philippines and South Africa - Nicolau Reinhard