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Applying to Wits

Matriculation exemption

All International students with non-South African qualifications require a certificate of exemption from the Matriculation Board of South Africa for consideration into undergraduate studies.

Application forms for Matriculation Exemption should be sent to:
Student Enrolment Centre, Private Bag 4, WITS, 2050


Including the following supporting documentation:

  • Form M30E (this form is included in the application package for study at Wits)
  • Correctly Certified copies of your educational qualifications certified by a South African High Commission, Consulate, Trade Mission or a Public Notary in your home country
  • A correctly certified copy of your passport or birth certificate certified by a South African High Commission, Consulate, Trade Mission or a Public Notary in your home country
  • Exemption fee included in the non-refundable application fee charged to international applicants. This fee is applicable to all international applicants whether schooling in South Africa or not.
  • Sworn English translations of documents are required.

Please note:

  • Statements of results and high school transcripts are not accepted by the Matriculation Board
  • Certification by police or any ordinary Commissioner of Oaths is not accepted by the Matriculation Board.
  • Faxed and scanned copies are NOT acceptable
  • Students are advised to send two sets of certified copies of documents, one for application for Matriculation Exemption and one for application to programme (degree) studies

For additional information on Matriculation Exemption please visit 

English language proficiency

Wits, as an English-medium university requires that its students are proficient in English before they are accepted. An applicant, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level, must have attained a certain level of proficiency in English, namely:

  • A pass in an examination equivalent to English at the Higher Grade (First or Second Language) at the South African matriculation level (or, for certain immigrants only, English at the Standard Grade [First Language] plus an A-level pass in the immigrant s home language);
  • A pass in English Language at the GCSE/GCE/IGSCE Ordinary level (or equivalent examination);
  • A pass in the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) with a score of at least 7.0. Information, including application forms and dates when tests are held, may be obtained from:

The Wits Language School (WLS) offers English training to students who wish to improve their language skills. WLS offers non-academic courses for adult learners. It offers public classes, corporate training and private tuition. WLS takes pride in its excellent services, high quality training programmes that have sound research and academic framework and the quality of its training personnel.

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Courses are designed for foreign and second language speakers and consist of six levels from pre- beginners to advanced level. An assessment test determines at which level students would start the course.
Wits Language School
Contact details:
Wits Language School
Private Bag X3, Wits, 2050
Tel: +27 11 717-4208
Fax: +27 11 717-4219

British Council at the British Embassy or Consulate in your country or British Council in Johannesburg
British Council in Johannesburg
275 Jan Smuts Avenue, Dunkeld Corner, Dunkeld West
Tel: +27 11 560 9300
Fax: +27 11 560 9301

The University prefers the applicant to take the IELTS, however consideration will be given should an applicant have a pass in TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language ) which is equivalent to the IELTS 7.0 

Foreign Qualification Entry Requirements